Digitizing Real Assets with Blockchain Technology

The real estate investment platform integrated with decentralized finance (DeFi) layers to create an end-to-end blockchain ecosystem


Invest. Build. Redefine.

PlotPeer has been built to disrupt traditional investment into emerging markets. Our method of asset tokenization means that we can offer fractionalized real estate investments all whilst democratising group investment. The PlotPeer token has been established to uphold a governance framework throughout the platform and bring DeFi products and services into utilization

The PlotPeer Ecosystem

Crowd Funding

PlotPeer have spent a number of years understanding, refining and digitizing a very traditional...

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By fractionalizing assets into tokens PlotPeer makes investments more accessible. Lowering...

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Secondary Market

PlotPeer provide an environment to freely trade all PlotPeer issued security tokens. Our licenced...

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Greater opportunity is created for our investors by providing lending services against PlotPeer...

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The PlotPeer Platform



Holders of PlotPeer tokens will be given investment incentives such as lower platform fees, discounts on investments and loans, priority investment access, and project nomination rights



On chain KYC & AML verification of investor identify. streamlined customer on-boarding process.


Emerging Economies

Make a impactful investment in emerging markets, building infrastructure and property. Borderless investment through the blockchain, secure investment worldwide, with aggregated land data.



PlotPeer staked token holders can benefit from shared fees and rewards from various staking pools on the PlotPeer platform.

Democratization of Real Estate

Providing access to a traditionally inaccessible asset class. Lowering the barriers to entry for investment by enabling interests in the asset to be more readily divided across a wider pool of investors. Traditional financial/investment products can be distributed to a wider pool of investors at a lower per unit cost.

Our Partners

Our Incubators

The PlotPeer TOKEN


Total Token Supply: 222,300,000
Public Sale = $0.15
Initial Market Cap = $10M

Our People



Conceptualisation of PlotPeer real estate investment model 1.0 Cambridge Judge Social Impact Incubator - 2019 cohort Partnerships Consultancy
2020 Q1-Q4
Off platform projects undertaken and completed Google for startups - 2020 cohort Development of propietary technology
2021 Q1-Q2
Barclays Eagle Labs / Foundervine incubator Crypto wallets built and integrated
2021 Q3-Q4
Asset tokenization process built Web Summit Lisbon AIBC - Top 10 Startups Pitch
2022 Q1
MVP built beta via in-house built technology Primary Bootstrap, Contribution Round Launchpad token round
2022 Q2
TGE PlotPeer Crowdfund and PlotPeerDAO On platform projects undertaken with alpha users and private investors
2022 Q3
Secondary market processes designed Metaverse fractionalisation Additional partners onboarded
2022 Q4
Credit card to purchase crypto on platform Staking of token live DeFi Pools live
2023 Q1-Q2
Real estate model, platform of platforms (integration with crowdfunding partners and tradefi providers)
2023 Q3-Q4
Property management Landing against additional real estate such as art, collectables, bonds

Full cycle
Assets managed
Average returns received
Reinvestment rate